Soccer shoe basics

Football is a sport played by a group of people. The game is played on grass pitches and players wear football boots or cleats. They have studs on the sole. These shoes are commonly called football boots in North America. There are different styles of football boots and some are designed for different terrains.

A football team has eleven players and at least one is a goalkeeper. The number of players in each position determines the style of play. More strikers means more offensive play, and more defenders means more defensive play. Players can spend most of the game in one position, but can switch positions at any time.

Football boots have different stud configurations. Some players prefer cleats with screw-in cleats on the non-dominant foot, while others prefer short rubber cleats on the dominant foot. In general, however, most players prefer to have the same stud configuration on both feet.

Football boots have been around for decades. They are developed to improve the performance of players. Some models have different types of soles to improve balance and performance.

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